Associated Writing Programs in Minneapolis
We had a great time at the Associated Writing Programs conference in Minneapolis. Our topic, "Imaginary Writers: Who Are We Writing For?" drew a decent crowd of writers and students. With new means of measuring our readers, we can now work with publishers to pinpoint our potential audiences. It was great to see many of you. Left to right in the photo are Carmen Bernier Grand, Maria Lourdes Victoria, Kathleen Alcalá, and Donna Miscolta.

Coming Up: July 19 - Society for Crypto Judaic Studies Conference, Miami, Florida

Selected Works

From the early literature of the Americas to the late 20th Century
Creative Nonfiction
Essays on Family and Writing

The Desert Remembers My Name makes an important contribution to discussions of ethnicity, identity, and the literature of place.”
Bloomsbury Review
"...a mesmerizing tale... the author explores the fascinating confusions and contradictions plaguing a culture precariously poised between tradition and modernization."
"She never forgot the power of storytelling as testimony."
The Utne Reader
"Kathleen Alcalá's Spirits of the Ordinary is an enthralling book..."
–Paul Yamazaki, City Lights Books

"This book entered my dreams."
–Alberto Rios
Short Fiction
"Thoroughly satisfying."
The New York Times Book Review

"By turns touching, entertaining, and surprising, and uniquely her own."
Publishers Weekly

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