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Readings and Events for 2023


April 24 – Anthology, This Light Called Darkness at the Elliott Bay Book Company


May 9, the Eagle Harbor Book Company

157 Winslow Way E

Bainbridge Island, WA

 with Jessica Dubey

(The Flower in the Skull)


May 13 – Denise's Book Club, Cranford, NJ

(Mrs. Vargas and the Dead Naturalist)


May 16, Rooftop Readings, Brooklyn, NY.

Barrows Intense Tasting Room in Industry City

Located in: Industry City

Address: 86 34th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Phone: (917) 597-1084

Host: Randee Dawn

(The Flower in the Skull)


– June 2 the Elliott Bay Book Company

1521 Tenth Avenue, Seattle

 w Gabriella Gutierrez y Muhs



-June 3, 4 pm: Booktree: Writing workshop, reading, open mic

BookTree, Kirkland, Christopher Jarmick, host

609 Market St., Kirkland, WA 98033

(The Flower in the Skull)


More as it happens!




January 19 - University Women's Club, Seattle


January 25 - Federal Way High School (Spirits of the Ordinary) with Derek Olson


February 28 - Zoom with with Daniel Loedel for Las Comadres Book Club


March 14 - 19 - Visit to Banámichi, Sonora, Mexico with Gary Nabhan, Laura Monti and Isabel Cristina Murrieta Lopez.


April 12 - at Seattle Public Library with Reyna Grande discussing her new book.


May 11 - Zoom for Raven Chronicles with Daniel A. Olivas on his new book.


May 12 - Book Launch for El Porvenir, !Ya! Chicano Science Fiction Anthology with Somos en escrito Literary Foundation Press. 


June 2 - 5 - Orcas Island Literary Festival with Phoebe Bosché and Raven Chronicles Press.


August -  Hugo House with Seriog Troncoso discussing his new book.


October 18 - Kol Shalom Book Club.




Articles and Interviews for Spirits of the Ordinary 2021


Zócalo Public Square



The Millions



April 30 The Elliott Bay Book Company with Dalia Kandioti



Ms. Magazine:

"This beautiful edition of the award-winning novel first published in 1997 is sure to attract a whole new generation of readers with its inclusion of once-taboo topics, vivid descriptions and magical storytelling throughout. "


Forward Magazine



Peninsula Daily News



Tikkun article, by Stephanie Hammer



May 6 – Eagle Harbor Book Company with Claudia Castro Luna



May 10 – The Raven Chronicles with Rigoberto González



May 24 - Madam Mayo's 



June 5 - Hidden Timber Books with Christi Craig

Register here: https://hiddentimberbooks.com/2020/03/19/online-author-readings/


June 8 - Dead Darlings https://deaddarlings.com/

Interview with Lise Brody 


June 24 PB Daily (Jewish Book Council)

"My Hand on His Shoulder"


August 12 – Words on a Wire Interview with Daniel Chacon for September posting.