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What to wear to a Street Riot

You can climb a wire fence if you must.
These are things I learned in high school that might be handy in downtown Seattle, whether participating, or just passing through. In the past, we were able to stand in solidarity with undocumented workers who support our economy, but this has changed. On May 1, be dressed for anything.

1. Wear shoes you can run in, or climb a wire fence. You may think that you cannot climb a wire fence, but with a little shot of adrenaline, you will.
2. Long sleeves and pants, in case you are dragged by police. If it is warm, tie a sweatshirt around your waist.
3. Black clothing is good. It hides dirt and grime if you get pushed down, or into a vehicle.
4. Do not wear all black, or the Seattle Police will think you are an anarchist. Unless you are an anarchist, in which case, wear all black.
5. A neckerchief or scarf is important. If you are an anarchist, wear a black one. If not, wear a colorful one. You will need this for
6. The small amount of water you will carry. You might stand in the street, maybe even the sun, for a long time. You will get thirsty and want to pass out. Do not pass out. If the police use tear gas, you will wet the scarf and wrap it around your face. This will help you breathe, but try to avoid tear gas.
7. Carry the phone number for a contact person – a partner, a child, a lawyer.
8. A hat with a bill, or dark glasses. The sun might come out.
9. Band aids.
10. A belt or a sweatshirt cord, in case you need to make a tourniquet.
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